Exhibit, To The Totem Forests


'Yalis (Alert Bay)

Gwa'yasdams (Gilford Village)

Kalugwis (Turnour Island)

K'we (Mt. Stephens)

'Mi'mkwamlis (Village Island)

T'sadzis'nukwaame' (New Vancouver)

Ts'aa7ahl (Chaatl)

Q'una (Skedans)

Hlragilda (Skidegate)


Pebble Town

Gitwangak (Kitwanga)



Gitanyow (Kitwancool)

Ba'a's (Blunden Harbour)

Xwatis (Quatsino)

Q'una (Skedans)

Hlragilda (Skidegate)

Gitanyow (Kitwancool)

Caynaa (Haina)

Hiellen (Tow Hill)




'Kwakiutl House' / Emily Carr / Vancouver Art Gallery / 42.3.33 "At the top is hohhuq, a mythic bird, perched on the man's head of a sisiutl. The upper figure on each of the four posts is a sunukwa. According to a myth Tesumkit ("stone body") was a male sunukwa who obtained power from sisiutl by finding one of its scales and rubbing his body therewith, and thus become stone, all except a small spot beneath his Adam's-apple. His canoe was a sisiutl. Qakahsanuh, a Nimkish man, also received the power of sisiutl by finding a scale and rubbing it on his arrow-point, and with this weapon he killed Tesumkit. The house-front belongs to the descendants of the mythical Tesumkit."
Curtis 1915:10

RBCM PN02807 "T'sadzis'nukwaame' means 'eel grass out in front'. The old people also call the village New Vancouver because it faces north, just like the beach in Vancouver."
Mrs. Margaret Cook, Lawit'sis tribe. Macnair, personal communication, Alert Bay 1975

"Gwaxstala 'facing towards the north' is the old Kwakwala name for Vancouver. Since Harbledown Island faces north, they called it New Vancouver."
From Wilson Duff Notes May,1955

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