Exhibit, To The Totem Forests


'Yalis (Alert Bay)

Gwa'yasdams (Gilford Village)

Kalugwis (Turnour Island)

K'we (Mt. Stephens)

'Mi'mkwamlis (Village Island)

T'sadzis'nukwaame' (New Vancouver)

Ts'aa7ahl (Chaatl)

Q'una (Skedans)

Hlragilda (Skidegate)


Pebble Town

Gitwangak (Kitwanga)



Gitanyow (Kitwancool)

Ba'a's (Blunden Harbour)

Xwatis (Quatsino)

Q'una (Skedans)

Hlragilda (Skidegate)

Gitanyow (Kitwancool)

Caynaa (Haina)

Hiellen (Tow Hill)




RBCM PN03817 RBCM PN04029

RBCM PN04035 RBCM PN04463

American artist Langdon Kihn* sketched and painted views of Kitwancool, now known as Gitanyow, in 1924 at the behest of Marius Barbeau. His graphic style reflects his forte as an illustrator. He was given to reinterpret Northwest Coast sculpture and design, and to recompose the settings of totem poles. Contrast his work with that of Carr who first visited Gitanyow in 1928 at the point when her personal style was evolving dramatically.

The All Frogs pole is represented in Carr's oil Kitwancool and in Kihn's oil Gitwancool Totem Poles. The bottom figure of the Skim-sim and Will-a-daugh pole can be found in Carr's pencil sketch Base figure of Kitwancool pole and its studio version in oil Totem Mother, Kitwancool. This figure is almost unintelligible in Kihn's profile rendering situated at the extreme right of his Gitwincool Totem Poles. The history and attribution of images on this Skim-sim and Will-a-daugh pole is complex.

'Corner of Kitwancool Village' / McM 1977.42

*No images of works by Langdon Kihn, pending location of copyright holder(s)

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