Photograph Number: 01066
Group: Kwakwaka'wakw
Location: 'Mi'mkwamlis
Collection: Newcombe
Catalogue No.: L. E/503 glass plate
Date: IV/12
Remarks: pole-figure with high hat

Chief Henry A. Bell (formerly of Village Island) says (April 18 1975) that this figure represents Moo qwa noot

"plates 4&5 - S.E. end of village with nearest figure with Chief's hat looking for coming of wife's parents with return of blankets &? - such figures are called Daduquala" (from Newcombe notes, notebook #24a)

little figure was at Knight Inlet - maybe Jim Seaweed's family brought it. - chief of Denaktox owns it. (per J.Peters, APR 19-20/78)