Photograph Number: 05840
Group: Haida
Location: Hlragilda
Collection: Archives
Catalogue No.: 16224 X.16 M.138 L.2.
Photographer: MAYNARD per D.S.
Date: 1884

Pole at Skidegate now in Provincial Museum.

See reverse of oversize for further information, some of this is in pencil and difficult to distinguish.

House post at Skidegate, number 2 of Provincial Museum collection and the original of the Centennial Dollar design.
in b.c.p.m. #2

Lantern slide catalogue credits Maynard with photo.

"INSIDE housepost. Raven above whale below. carved by Charlie Edenshaw." from totem pole book in b.c.p.m. collection

see old print of this appearing in album B

old print also appears in album #1.