Photograph Number: 09680
Group: Haida
Location: Q'una
Catalogue No.: glass plate 5x9
Photographer: SEE BELOW
Date: circa 1912 SEE BELOW
Remarks: "East End" from print in file envelope

"Emily Carr photo" from ink writing on photograph

photographer: "M.E.C. initials stand for Emily Carr, per D.S. April 22/77
however this does not mean that Emily Carr took the photo - see PN 5541 at Tanu - a similar glass plate with "M.E.C." on the reverse of a print but showing a woman (obviously Emily Carr) - there is no way that Emily Carr could have been shown painting and have taken the photograph as well.
D.S. April 22/77

date: I attribute this photograph as having been painted circa 1912, see PN5539 .I believe that this photograph was taken at the same time -(both are glass plates and both were taken at same location) D.S. April 1977. (grass is same length as well)