RBCM PN14108
Photograph Number: 14108
Group: Haida
Location: Hiellen
Collection: Raley
Catalogue No.:
Remarks: Photograph was taken at Prince Rupert, this pole according to F.W.M. Drew's Totem Poles of Prince Rupert was a house frontal pole that was carved about 1860 and belonged to Chief Albert Edward Edenshaw. It was one of the first Haida poles brought to Prince Rupert by the Canadian National Railways. According to pn1136 which shows this pole in situ, the pole was taken to Prince Rupert in 1923. See page 10 of Totem Poles of Prince Rupert.

The one thing that I can't figure out about this pole is that in pn1136, the pole looks in very bad shape and in this photo the pole isin very good shape…. some years after 1911. ?? This doesn't figure unless the photograph in pn1136 is not of that great quality. I think that this is the case, see the original oversize of pn1136 in album B. D.S. May 4. 1979

the original negative was given to the Ethnology Division in 1978 by Phyllis DeMuth, Librarian, Alaska Historical Library

the pole came to the Prov. Museum, Aug. 1965 and was sent to the Masset Museum, March 1976.