Photograph Number: 04169
Group: Tsimshian
Location: Kispiox
Catalogue No.:
Photographer: G.T. Emmons
Date: 1909
Remarks: Totem pole at Kispiox

Pole of Naeqt (HARAY), called Attacked-within
see PN 3909

Also similar view appears in The American Museum Journal 1913 "Some Kitksan Totem Poles" p.368 : "Before the advent of Europeans, the coast and river tribes were continually carrying on war by means of raids. In one of these a great war party of Haidas ascended the Skeena River and surprised the people of Kishpiyeoux when many of the men were away. They burned the village and took back to their island home many women as slaves. One of these later made her escape in a small canoe and returned to the village. Upon her death a memorial column was raised to her memory. She is represented at the base and a small canoe across her body illustrates her means of escape. The eagle her clan emblem is shown over her head and surmounting the pole. This woman killed her husband and cut off his head before making her escape with her child and originally there were three carved wooded heads in the canoe."

Similar view also appears in G.T.Emmons "Kitishan Notes & Writings." p 49.