Photograph Number: 01178
Group: Tsimshian
Location: Kispiox
Collection: Newcombe
Catalogue No.: E934 - XXI/41
Photographer: Emmons
Date: 1910
Remarks: (OVER-SIZE)

Kispiox - Two poles.

background: Pole of Gitludahl - see PN3844
foreground: second pole of Gitludahl, GRIZZLY-of-the-Sun see PN 3843b

Also appears in G.T. Emmons "Kitkshan Notes & Writings" p.49. "The two carved poles represent the crests of the Kish-hasht family. The farther one shows two owl figures with numerous children figures. The nearer pole represents the bear that lives in the moon:(the head of the bear is through the full moon) Below are several figures of children that he steals and carries off to the moon. At the base is represented an owl"

Similar view also appears in "The American Museum Journal" 1913 in Emmons article "Some Kitksan Totem Poles" p 366