Photograph Number: 08376
Group: Tsimshian
Location: Gitwangak
Catalogue No.:
Photographer: J.B. Scott negative
Remarks: Pole at Kitwanga

The-Bear's-den. figures : the eagle holding the Whale-marten, in its talons (this eagle differs from that shown in plate XXIX of Barbeau, Totem Poles of the Gitksan.) The-Bear's-den, the same human being with a round hole in the stomach, a large Eagle, the Beaver, sitting and gnawing a stick of cottonwood, The-Bear's-den, the same human figure with a small round hole in the stomach, the split-beaver, head down and gnawing a stick; and a human figure at the bottom , representing either The-Bear's-den person or, possibly , chief Sqayaen , in whose memory the pole was erected.
from : p.141, Barbeau, The Totem Poles of the Gitksan