Photograph Number: 08368
Group: Tsimshian
Location: Gitwangak
Catalogue No.:
Photographer: J.B. Scott negative
Remarks: Poles at Kitwanga

Pole on right: Dog-Salmon (Qanees) see PN8369

Pole on left: On-top-sits-the-squirrel , its figures are:
the Squirrel, a human being, possibly the chief of the household in whose memory it was erected, Tewalasa, holding the Marten in his hands. (LOOK AT PLATE XXIX figure 2, Barbeau, Totem Poles of the Gitksan - note in pencil "only this much restored" - It would appear that the pole was not restored correctly? (see PN 8371 ,also fig.2,) WHERE IS THE MARTEN?

For full description of entire pole see p.138, Barbeau, Totem Poles of The Gitksan.