Photograph Number: 02422
Group: Kwakwaka'wakw
Location: Gwa'yi
Catalogue No.:
Photographer: F.J.Barrow
Date: 1933
Remarks: carved human figure

Now in Denver Art Museum collected by Norman Feder (per H. Roloff Sept. 25/80)

Glass plate found in box with others now numbered PN 19237 through PN 19250. Two pieces of paper found in box which say"Photos by F.J. Barrow - rec'd Nov 7/46" and "Photographs by F.J.Barrow - specimens are probably from his collection now in the Museum Nov8/46" signed by C.Carl. Glass plate emulsion surface is marked "Kincome I. 1933". The box itself is marked "Archaeology"; "photos (negatives only) by F.J. Barrow" in C. Carl's handwriting and "Archae". Labels may also relate to another box of glass plates now numbered PN 19251 through PN 19267. (A.P. Mackie 7.3.91)