Emily Carr, Totem Forests

To the Totem Forests: Emily Carr and Contemporaries Interpret Coastal villages is an exhibit of canadian painting featuring Emily Carr and contemporaries. Features Emily Carr and Canadian painting by Emily Carr and contemporaries: Langdon Kihn, George Pepper, Walter J. Phillips, Frederick Marlett Bell-Smith, A.Y. Jackson. Works from the Vancouver Art Gallery Emily Carr Trust, British Columbia Archives, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, National Gallery of Canada, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Art Gallery of Ontario, Collection of Glenbow Museum, and Private Collection. Further, the exhibit incorporates historical photographs, taken before and during the years these artists painted, which provide new insights into the depiction of Northwest Coast monumental sculpture during the first three decades of the 20th century. Finally, the exhibit offers viewers a wealth of paintings of totem pole villages created in the early 20th century - dynamic works of art which express the excitement many Canadian painters felt when encountering First Nations cultures and art on the Northwest Coast of Canada. The exhibition, To the Totem Forests: Emily Carr and Contemporaries Interpret Coastal Villages, will be shown at three venues; it is accompanied by a catalogue and this on-line version of the exhibition. The opportunity to present To the Totem Forests as an on-line website is the result of collaboration between the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, organizer of the exhibition, the curators Peter Macnair and Jay Stewart, Stewart Macnair Inc., the web designers, Industrial Art Internet Group Ltd., and the Heritage Branch of British Columbia. Funding was generously provided by Industry Canada's Digital Collections Program. Additional ethnohistoric photographs, which relate to the exhibit topic, are provided from the Audio Visual Collection, Anthropology Section, Royal B.C. Museum. Catalogue information is transcribed verbatim and provides information which has been added to the catalogue cards over a thirty year period. The website www.emilycarr.org is presented for the public interest, education and research use and may not used for commercial purposes in whole or in part. At no time shall any material from this website be copied or used without the written permission of the copyright holders.


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To the Totem Forests: Emily Carr and
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